Explore deeper meanings

And create powerful metaphors

HEX™ is a research-based tool that combines images, words, and symbols to enable meaning making, learning and creative collaboration. Through narratives that explore deeper meaning, the use of HEX™ helps the facilitator, leader, teacher and many others accelerate insights and learning related to areas like positive psychology, goal setting, and creativity.

The tool consists of 200 cards with a hexagonal shape. The shape invites users to connect their own cards and the cards of other users. Thereby being a tool that enables creative collaboration.

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A combination of visual aids

With HEX™ you get:

Getting started

With the HEX™ Guide

70 pages printable ebook that offers step-by-step application guides as well as insightful information goes behind the science of HEX™ and introduces easy to use guides that get you started right away.

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